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Ayanda AZA – Phendula mali ke

Ayanda Aza

Ayanda Aza is a South African independent musician/song writer, who started her music journey in 2003 with the help of Pacofs music .house in Bloemfontein, “to record her first demo when she was doing her first year in tertiary, she moved to Johannesburg in 2004 where She and Rabba dub reggae group from Bloemfontein attended music auditions hosted by Tshepo Nzimande, and invited her for a possible contract with Bula music in 2005 She got a golden ticket to the second round of idols season 5, where She sang her own written song “Ndingu Ayanda”; it is where it all began persuading the music success as a solo artist when Mama Mara Louw who was one of the judges in idols season 5, encouraged her to never stop writing songs, as She found her to be a good song writer, she gave her a standing ovation as she sang her song back.

Media Brief:
Ayanda Aza is a South African musician, who started her music career as an independent artist but due to growth in her music career, she has now signed with a booking agent GGP productions, she also has support from Poze Radio in Chicago, Alex FM , Lekooa FM Jozi Fm just to mention some of the Radios who first played her music.

Her career started just after high school when she decided to record a music demo and her uncle Mbuso Zigana who passed away in 2004 is the one who actually first believed she had a talent in music, he forced her to discover her talent, Ayanda Aza says “I was visiting my uncle and his family in year 2000 during June School holidays, and there was a popular song by now deceased artist Mshoza “Kortes” and I loved singing it, he asked why am I not making my own songs, I just knew I love singing and had thought I needed some to give me a song to sing, I never thought at all that I could write my own songs, since then I went back to boarding school and I started challenging my self , made songs sang for some of my friends and I took my music demo home, my grand mother was the first one I let her listen to it, she sent someone to borrow a cassette player as we did not have one at home, she listened to my song NdimIntombomxhosa and cried she was so proud,today that same song has been awarded a Star 🌟 by Reverbnation sand selected for Curation, later that year in 2003 I joined a group in the Free state that I saw performing in Macufe music festival, I started rehearsing with them, attended auditions with them in Johannesburg in 2003 producers of that audition invited me into their offices for a possible contract, in 2005 I attended Idols season5 in Johannesburg South Africa, got the first round golden ticket, I got off the second round One of the judges Mama Mara Louw told me to never stop writing songs as She believes that I a m a good song writer, since then in 2015 I recorded my first album Nojiki “four streams” which is on all digital platforms, followed by 5 singles, my latest single being “Phendula Mali Ke”available on all digital music platforms, and also on Africa Prime, my music is listed on more than 100 radio stations local and international.
Reverbnation pop charts selected her music for curation. Phendula Mali Ke music video available on YouTube. for more of Ayanda Aza’s music please visit the links below

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